With so much turmoil and disruption around schooling this year, it’s important to focus on how to create balance when it comes to studying in Year 12. It’s really about quality versus quantity. The question is, what will you need to sacrifice in Year 12 to get the results you want to get?

If you love video games or watching Netflix, it’s fine to still keep doing those things but there will need to be some planning to create the best outcome for yourself. We don’t want you to give up what you love in your downtime but just moderate it to allow for the study time required.

Celebrations and 18th birthday parties are common in Year 12, although this year is a little different due to current restrictions, but if you’re able to go to parties and drink you can’t afford to write yourself off on Friday and Saturday night, it’s just not feasible to get the great results you want. Everything must be approached in moderation.

So create a habit of quality study time for yourself. If you’re doing 6 hours of study but it’s not all productive time then don’t sit there for 6 hours – it’s a waste of time and you’ll go into burnout mode. It’s about high quality study time plus downtime. Having balance of the two will help keep you going through the difficult times when you can’t be bothered studying and it will help keep you focused for the rest of the year to achieve those results you’re aiming for.