Got concerns about getting a tutor?

Hopefully these reviews from current and past parents of students makes it a bit easier on you.

Evan was very professional and approachable during the time my son was tutored by him. He worked hard to ensure his goals were achieved. I really liked the fact that he set homework in between tutoring sessions as well.


St Helena Secondary College

Nathaniel is terrific and ‘got’ Stephanie in a very short time! Her exam was yesterday and because of him she whizzed through about 6 main questions! Thank you – and we definitely want him for next year!


Ivanhoe Girls' Grammar

Thank you Evan for being so professional in your approach to tutoring our children. You assisted them immensely with the expertise and knowledge you imparted to them. It’s always a pleasure having you in our home to provide that extra support and clarity. I appreciate your accommodating approach to our family’s needs.


Marcellin College

Our son was having some issues with year 10 maths, and we thought he might benefit from some one-to-one tutoring support. My note to a parenting forum on Facebook led to a number of recommendations to try Triumph Tutoring. We are so pleased we did! Evan at TT matched our son up with a wonderful tutor Nathan who was patient, understanding, supportive and immensely helpful.


St Helena Secondary College

My son Riley has been tutored by James from Triumph Tutoring for the past few months. James is very approachable and my son really enjoys his hour every week with James. There has been weeks where our usual time hasn’t worked for either of us. James is more than happy to move Riley’s session to another day – it’s great knowing James is so flexible. I would highly recommend Triumph Tutoring to any student who needs that extra help.


Laurimar Primary School

Addison has been tutoring our son Mitch in VCE Maths Methods for 3 months. Addison is always punctual, positive and encouraging. He has provided Mitch with the technical skills he needs to approach maths questions with confidence. Triumph Tutoring has also provided us with strategies to assist Mitch through his VCE year. We highly recommend Triumph Tutoring.


St Helena Secondary College

The maths session is working really well. John communicates on a level that is much easier for Jackson to understand. Jackson is already feeling more successful with his classroom maths work so I’m really pleased with that. Thanks for organising such a great tutor.


St Helena Secondary College

Having used both Evan for Maths & Chris for English for our son, I can highly recommend Triumph Tutoring. The guys are professional, arrive on time & have the ability to engage students & present in a way that is easy to understand.


Eltham High School

Jordan was one of our amazing students last year and was feeling great leading up to her Year 12 exams.

Since my son Andrew commenced tutoring in Maths Methods with Triumph Tutoring, he has come ahead in leaps and bounds with his Maths. He has progressed from a struggling student, to one who is passing all his exams. So, I can thoroughly recommend these dedicated and devoted tutors.


St Helena Secondary College

Since engaging an English tutor for our son in year 10, he has become more confident. We have seen an improvement in his attitude. The tutors at Triumph Tutoring are recent graduates who know the current course work and the challenges of doing VCE. We can confidently recommend the tutors at Triumph Tutoring.


St Helena Secondary College

Our tutor always comes prepared for tutoring sessions, both Maths and English, and he has made the effort to contact with my child’s English teacher to ensure he is providing the right support. He is very patient and ensures that the fundamentals of different maths topics are covered.


Ivanhoe Grammar School

Since we’ve started the tutoring, Ben is more interested in school. He is engaged with his tutor Jim and enjoyed seeing him. Jim has tuned in to what Ben needs and catered to Ben rather than taking a ‘cookie-cutter’ approach. He has adapted to Ben and I think that’s really important. I would highly recommend Triumph Tutoring to anyone, and have done so in the past.


Diamond Valley College

We approached Triumph Tutoring because it was identified that our son had some major gaps in English and was in need of support. Based on the information I shared with them, Triumph Tutoring selected a suitable tutor who has had a significant impact on our son’s improvement.

We have been delighted with our experience at Triumph Tutoring, and are extremely pleased with the results. Everybody has been so friendly, extremely helpful and highly professional. As a result, I would not hesitate to recommend others to use Triumph Tutoring.


Whitefriars College

At year 8 parent teacher interviews, it was brought to our attention that Patrick had some “gaps” in his Maths. I asked his maths teacher if he could recommend a tutor and he referred us to Triumph Tutoring. Patrick was reluctant to take a tutor and he said “Why should I get a tutor – I’m not stupid”. After a lot of discussion, Patrick agreed to a one-off complimentary tutoring session and we met Jim.

After that initial 1 hour tutoring session Patrick could not wait for the next! It was such a positive educational experience for him. So, fast forward more than a year. Patrick’s Maths grades have improved, he has excelled in public speaking tasks at school and overall his tutoring sessions have been a positive experience in all areas of his schooling. Jim is very flexible and happy to work on whatever work Patrick needs or wants help with.


St Helena Secondary College

I just wanted to send a shout out to Chris who tutors my daughter in Specialist. He is the most helpful, patient and understanding guy. As you know, having a Year 12 is quite a challenge. Accidentally – Chris seems to be on this roller coaster with us!! At all times he is professional and empathetic. Thankyou, could not recommend him enough – and have been telling all my friends about TT also!


St Helena Secondary College