First of all, congratulations! You deserve a pat on the back. No, really, go reward yourself with something nice. 13 years of schooling are coming to a close, and that’s bound to bring on a lot of different emotions. But here’s to you; you’ve made it. All the stress, late nights, cramming, tears, homework, teachers and long school days will soon be far behind you. Of course, you’ve still got one last stretch to run for your final exams, whether that be VCE, HSC, IB, or anything else. You’re catching a glimpse of the light at the end of the tunnel, grasping at the first reaches of freedom. How exciting! 

These final few weeks are possibly the most crucial to your entire high school career. It’s when a lot of students can hit a brick wall in progress and succumb to burnout. To avoid feeling burnt out, it’s essential to take care of yourself this exam period! Your mental health and wellbeing will always be more valuable than any mark. Take regular breaks, eat well, socialise with other human beings here and there, go for walks, spend time with the dog and lie in the sun for a while. Exam season shouldn’t mean you completely ruin yourself. You are only human and you can only do your best.

Always know you are not alone. First of all, there are thousands of other kids in your exact position. Everyone who graduates year 12 have and will go through this period of high stress. It is okay to be feeling a little on edge, as most in your position are. However, be sure to reach out for support when you need it. Talk to your family, vent with friends, talk to teachers about effective methods, seek counselling/psychology or consult online resources whenever you need a kind voice or listening ear (listed at the bottom of this blog post). 

You’ve come so far, you deserve to be proud of yourself! So for one last time, grab your books, get some brain-fuelling snacks, and get to it! (If you need study tips, check out our “Scientifically Proven Effective Study Tips” article here.) 

Good luck, and congratulations once again.

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