Frequently Asked Questions

Is tutoring right for my child?

We believe that tutoring is beneficial for many different types of students. However, there is one thing that all these students must have in common – a desire to learn and better themselves. We love working with students who love working with us.

If your child is behind in the classroom, if they’re lacking confidence, if they are afraid to ask questions in the class, or if they want an extra hand to smash their results, tutoring may be the right way to go. Our free introductory session is designed to determine whether tutoring with us is the right fit.

How often does tutoring normally occur?

Usually our students do a one-hour weekly session. We have students who require more or less than this, but we believe that at least one hour a week is most beneficial.

Do you service my area?

Our main areas of operation currently are Northern, North-Eastern, Eastern, South-Eastern Melbourne and everywhere in between. Feel free to get in touch if you’re not sure if we can help you. We’re always bringing new tutors onto the team in new areas so let us know!

Do I need to prepay for a certain number of sessions? Am I locked in once I decide to work with Triumph Tutoring?

No, you don’t. We don’t do lock-in contracts or any up-front payments. If your child needs weekly tutoring, we just take it as it comes with an online payment after each session.

Have more questions or think your child might need a tutor?