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Here at Triumph Tutoring, we’re committed to helping you achieve your educational goals.

We hand-pick our tutors through a tough screening and selection process to find the best and brightest high-quality tutors.

No matter what your needs are, our relatable tutors can help you get there.

Triumph Tutoring Partners with The Les Twentyman Foundation

 We have partnered with the Les Twentyman Foundation to provide support to at risk children through a program called Bounce Back Tutoring. As someone who started their journey working as a tutor for an organisation not...

Why is balance so important during Year 12?

With so much turmoil and disruption around schooling this year, it’s important to focus on how to create balance when it comes to studying in Year 12. It’s really about quality versus quantity. The question is, what...

Final exams are just around the corner!

First of all, congratulations! You deserve a pat on the back. No, really, go reward yourself with something nice. 13 years of schooling are coming to a close, and that’s bound to bring on a lot of different emotions....

What I wish I knew in high school

Having only graduated in 2018, the experiences and hardships of high school study are still very fresh and real in my mind. However, in saying that, in just a year I have gained so much hindsight since graduating and...

Scientifically proven effective study tips

It’s easy to get caught up in myths of study techniques that you’ve been told by friends, parents and even teachers. With so many people swearing by so many different methods, it’s hard to know what will and won’t...

Do’s and Don’ts of Studying for Maths Subjects

Whether you love working with numbers or can’t stand the sight of a tan graph, the thought of sitting the final maths exam can easily make anyone nervous. While some may have a love and affinity for the subject more...

R U OK? Day

This Thursday is R U OK? Day. It is a day to ask your friends and family “Are you OK?” and it serves as a reminder to support people who may be struggling with life’s ups and downs. Throughout school, there is a large...

Memorisation Tips For Students Based on Different Learning Styles

As you move through school, one thing that becomes clear; not every student learns in the same way. There are a variety of ways that students retain information, including through visual, auditory and tactile...
Young Student

The Do’s and Don’ts When Your Child’s Grades Are Dropping

Most kids struggle with their grades at some point in time. A lack of understanding or lack of interest, even seemingly unrelated issues, can all have an impact on a child’s grades. I wanted to discuss with you all the...

Five biggest misconceptions of year 12

Year after year, many students enter year 12 and often make the same mistakes as the rest of their cohort. I’d like to explore some of these mistakes, and how avoiding them can impact your final score and overall...



Why we think we’re awesome

VCE, HSC & QCE tutoring support

All tutors scored in the top of their class

All tutors screened and have a WWCC

We pick the perfect tutor for your needs

Meet the tutor in a free intro session

Competitive pricing with no lock-in contracts

What we do

We provide high-quality tutoring in a safe, secure environment with a tailored approach to support your specific requirements. We deliver tutoring in-home and online in one-on-one or group sessions and we cater for primary, secondary and adult students. No matter what you need, we have you covered.

Our mission

Our mission is to help young people achieve their educational goals and ensure everyone gets the education they deserve. We help those in need of improved educational outcomes through high-quality tutoring, and resources, and the guidance of our amazing team.

Our team

Our team of young, relatable tutors are a group of high achievers who have been carefully selected to provide optimum educational support for our students. All our VCE, HSC and QCE subject tutors excelled in their studies and scored in at least the top 8% of the state. Every tutor has a valid Working With Children Check to give you and your family peace of mind that your tutoring will be delivered in a safe, secure environment.

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